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[NL, AMS-11] Connectivity issues in part of our network [Update]

Dear LeaseWeb Customer, 

We are currently experiencing connectivity issues in our AMS-11 datacenter due to a hardware failure on one of our routers. 
We have dispatched an engineer to replace the hardware. 

You might experience packet loss or high latency on hosts belonging to the below IP ranges.

We will inform you once we have more information.


The engineer is en route to AMS-11 to replace the hardware. We will inform you once more information is available.


The broken hardware has been replaced and connectivity has been fully restored.

If you still experience issues or you need further information, please open a ticket via the LeaseWeb Customer Portal, or contact us at


We are experiencing unexpected connectivity issues in AMS-11 on the same router as earlier. We are currently investigating the cause of it. We will update you once we have more information.


We are still investigating the cause of the problem, we will keep you updated.


We have replaced a linecard and a supervisor module for the second time.
Currently everything is fully operational, we will monitor the environment closely.

If you do still experience problems please let us know asap through the regular support channels.

Sincerely, LeaseWeb Data center naming system is explained here:

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