[AMS-01, FRA-10, CDN] Connectivity issues in Amsterdam and Frankfurt PoPs


On 01/01/2018 and 02/01/2018 some of our edge and small object servers saw intermittent network connectivity issues as a consequence of spurious traffic from Middle-East sources. Some of our customers zones (mainly small objects) were affected by those external traffic engineering attempts. Remedial actions were then taken which restored full connectivity on 02/01/2018 afternoon.

Below you'll find the specific times when this occurred.

01/01/2018 16:30-20:00 UTC during periods of 15mn
02/01/2018 10:00-11:30 UTC
02/01/2018 14:00-17:00 UTC

We apologise for any service disruptions that above events might have caused.

Sincerely, CDN Team

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