Network Maintenance Windows

[US, WDC-01] Scheduled maintenance: Network maintenance on our core network [Update]


Dear LeaseWeb customer,

Update (2018 December 8th, 16:00 UTC): The core router is back in production since 14:40 UTC. The backup routing engine on this device is still not operating correctly and was disabled. 
There was/is no impact to customer services. 

We will engage our vendor and follow up next week with appropriate steps to restore routing engine redundancy.

Update (2018 December 8th, 10:50 UTC): We're starting the work on the backup routing engine in the primary border router. Traffic is rerouted to our secondary border router.

Update (2017 December 7th, 18:00 UTC): The primary border router has been undrained, traffic is back on it again. We still have a bit of work to do on the backup routing engine of the same device, which we'll carry out tomorrow morning, on 8th December.

Update (2017 December 7th, 12:30 UTC): We're experiencing some issues with one of the routing engines in our primary border router. We need to extended the maintenance windows by 3 hours to repair it. In the meantime traffic remains on the secondary border router.

As part of our commitment to continually improve the level of service LeaseWeb provides, we want to inform you about the upcoming maintenance on our network infrastructure.

On the 7th of December 2017, between 04:00 and 08:00 EST (09:00 and 13:00 UTC time), we will be performing essential network maintenance on our infrastructure in the United States, location WDC-01. During this maintenance your network connection will remain online.

LeaseWeb is committed to providing you with the best possible service and, to do so, we need to keep our infrastructure and hardware up to date.

The expected maintenance window will be 4 hours, in which your services will remain online and reachable. LeaseWeb engineers will be available during and after the maintenance in case any issues should arise.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding this maintenance, our engineers are available at

Sincerely, LeaseWeb Data center naming system is explained here:

Below, you will find all planned maintenance windows for the LeaseWeb network. If you would like to be notified about network status changes and maintenance windows, you can subscribe to the LeaseWeb NOC mailinglist.