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[NL, AMS-01] Connectivity issues in part of our network [Update]


All network connectivity issues that this outage has caused are currently restored again. We expect no further outages because of this issue. We will continue with our investigation on why the routing engine fail-over took place and we will be monitoring this situation closely.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our support department by sending an email to, or by creating a ticket via the customer portal.

[UPDATE 14:51]

We experienced an unexpected routing engine fail-over which caused a reset of all the BGP sessions. Currently we see that all the BGP sessions are restoring again. We expect this box to be fully operation again within the upcoming 20 minutes. Note that you may still experience degraded performance for the upcoming 20 minutes.

Dear LeaseWeb Customer,

We are experiencing connectivity issues in our AMS-01 datacenter. We are currently performing an in-depth investigation to deduce the cause of the network issues.

We will provide you with further updates via this post as soon as we have more details available.

Possible impacted ranges:



Data center naming system is explained here:

Sincerely, LeaseWeb Data center naming system is explained here:

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