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[US, SFO-12] Connectivity issues in part of our network [Update]

[UPDATE 16-02-2018 - 10:45 CET]

Dear LeaseWeb Customer,

We have reverted the routing changes that we applied in our SFO-12 data center.

Our engineers are monitoring the situation, and we are still investigating further with our carriers.

Further updates will follow through this NOC post.

Should you experience connectivity issues, please contact our Support department at

[UPDATE 12:30 CET]

Dear LeaseWeb Customer,

In order to prevent  further connectivity issues in our SFO-12 data center, our engineers will divert traffic away from our impacted transit carrier starting at 13:00 CET (04:00 PST local time). 
During this change, you might experience brief packet loss or increased latency while network re-convergence takes place.

We will work to keep impact to a minimum, our engineers will be on stand-by during and after this change.

Meanwhile we are still in touch with our carrier regarding the initial problem.

Dear LeaseWeb Customer,

You might have experienced packet loss or higher latency to/from certain destinations on the internet in our SFO-12 datacenter.
We observed degraded network performance when traffic traversed one of our transit carriers.

At this time there is no packet loss or increased latency, we are closely monitoring connectivity.

Our engineers are in contact with our transit carrier in order to mitigate this issue, and further updates will be provided through this NOC post.

Possible impacted ranges: /24

Sincerely, LeaseWeb Data center naming system is explained here:

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