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[Global] Delay in receiving your e-mail [Update]

[UPDATE 11:19 CET]

Dear Leaseweb customer,
We would like to inform you that our technical experts have found the cause and fixed the issue, but be aware that it will still take some time to clean up the accumulated e-mails so this means that it could be that your e-mail is still not being handled.
We recommend to use the Leaseweb Customer Portal

[UPDATE 21:00 CET]

Dear Leaseweb customer,

At this point we haven't been able to find the root cause but please be assured that we are doing our utmost to have this issue solved as soon as possible. 

We will update you again once we have more information available.

[UPDATE 17:00 CET]

Dear Leaseweb customer,

Our Technical Experts are still working to expedite the processing of e-mails. Meanwhile the e-mails are being processed with considerable delay.

Be aware that tickets that are being created through the Leaseweb Customer Portal are coming in without delay and therefore we recommend to use the Customer Portal until the issue is fixed.
We will send out an update in the next 3 hours.




Dear Leaseweb customer,
We are currently experiencing problems with e-mail to and from our ticketing system. 
As a result, it could be that your e-mail has not been picked up or received yet. We recommend to create a ticket via the LeaseWeb Customer Portal
If you need immediate support on your service, please contact us via phone +31(0)2031602880

Sincerely, LeaseWeb Data center naming system is explained here:

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