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[NL] Read only virtual servers in the CloudStack Private Cloud platform [Update]

[Final Update 17:10 CEST]
We have migrated all the affected virtual machines to healthy hypervisors. We are fixing the remaining hypervisors, but there is no more impact for the virtual machines in the platform.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

[Update 15:35 CEST]
Please note that this issue only affects CloudStack Private Cloud.

We are still working on this issue. We could reconnect most of our hypervisors to the storage network. We are still working on reconnecting the remaining. Therefore, most of the virtual machines are not in read only mode any more.

We will update this post as soon as we have more information.

[Original message]
Dear LeaseWeb Customer,

Today at 14:40 AM CEST we experienced a connectivity issue to our storage systems in the Private Cloud platform in the Netherlands. This caused some of our hypervisors to temporarily disconnect from the storage systems. As a result, some of the virtual servers in the platform can be in read only state.

We are working on fixing this issue as soon as possible.

An update on this NOC will follow.

Sincerely, LeaseWeb Data center naming system is explained here:

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